We promote quality education, training and research in Health and Medicine and provide affiliation to institutes registered with us. We register qualified college/university or individuals for world-class training in Paramedical Science and futuristic practice.

Paramedical courses in India impart education in various fields to support effective functioning of doctors. Employment opportunities are galore for paramedics at private or government hospitals, pathology labs, clinics, College labs, trauma centers and so on.

Paramedics are trained to improve diagnosis and therapy. They operate as radiologists, lab technicians, speech therapists, audiologists, physiotherapists and so on.

The key focus areas of our Council are:
Impart education in rural and urban areas in paramedical science and biotechnology through short term courses and training programs for improving awareness regarding various health problems and their solutions.
Affiliate colleges/universities for conducting short-term / diploma courses, and training programs.
Run public health-care and information-centers to improve general awareness on where people should approach to address health problems and how to solve them.
Run labs having public and commercial Microbiological and Drug Standardization testing facilities.
Promote Indian Medical System and Health Education in theory and practice through discussions, lectures, meetings, field and research projects; conferences, seminars, study-programs, dissemination and exchange of information, experiences and ideas.
Establish labs for testing food adulteration and run programs to prevent them.
Run self-employment courses.